Kwik Sparklers BOM - Month 3

Sparklers BOM '19


This month we are playing with a completely different way to put the Kwik Sparkler pieces together - playing with light, medium, and dark fabrics to create movement.
I am still waiting on Redux by Giucy-Giuce for Andover fabrics to be released, so Giuseppe is kindly making the sample for that block. 

Shown here are the blocks for the other two versions that I have done. Notice that although both samples used 3 fabrics, the diamonds were paired up differently and the finished block can be attached so that the negative space in the center looks like a “+” or and “X”.

  • Sew diamonds into sets of 2
  • Sew 4 sets into set of 4 according to the directions in your pattern
  • Sew the 2 sets of 4 into a “star” by matching the center and sewing from the center out
  • Sew the remaining diamond sets to the arcs so that diamond points face inward, as shown
  • Glue tips so that they do not show
  • If you want the negative space in the center to be an “X” fold your background in half both directions to give you guide lines to line up the diamonds. If you want it to be a “+” then fold the background diagonal both ways so you can line up the block.
  • Add the “star” to the center
  • Sew in place using the technique you chose in BOM Month 1

Post your blocks on Karie’s Sewing Spot - we want to see everyone's ideas for this technique!

Don't forget to use #kwiksparklersBOM and #iblamekarie on Instagram and Facebook and share the fun. 

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