Meet Karie

Hey there, I’m Karie, 

So glad you found my online studio! Pattern making came to me unexpectedly as a young quilter more than 27 years ago, and quickly became my passion. I’m most happy knee-deep in graph paper and scraps, piecing together designs to share with my quilting community. Knowing these ideas will turn into beautiful pieces for your home brings me such great joy!

My style is traditional with a modern flair.
Quilts have such deep roots in our culture. They are chief among things treasured and passed down to new generations. Designs that honor these traditions, and incorporate the vibrant, modern aesthetic, make my heart happy. I’ve published over eighty patterns, and continue to create as I am inspired by new techniques and the world outside my front door.

I’m excited to create together with you.

I’m excited to watch your pieces come to life as we combine our creativity.

I’m excited to teach you more techniques, learn more of your story, and be mutually encouraged by our love of quilting.

To learn more about my teaching opportunities and patterns, please contact me. Let’s also connect socially, I’m itching to see what you're creating today!