Kwik Sparklers BOM - Month 12


Thank you so much for playing along. It was a lot of fun planning this BOM. We will be having a Jeweled Facets Sew Along starting the end of January too,  so stay tuned! 

I am all about options, so here are several options for finishing your BOM quilt!

For the original setting, place each of the star blocks from Months 10 and 11 (pictured below) on an 11" x 11" background.  Add a 3” border to each side of each 11” block to make 4 -  16” blocks. These are the blocks for the 4 corners.

For the next two settings you can make 4 half blocks for the corners (turned in towards the center or out towards the outside ) and add the 4 stars to the 4 corners of the center block (not pictured).  The quilt will measure 64" x 64" without a border. To make your quilt larger, add a border of the background fabric and your design will “float” in the center.

For the final option, use all 4 star blocks on one 16” background square, tacking the points together to hold them together.

Add 7.5” borders to the medallion block. Use the star block and the other 8 monthly blocks to set to the left of the medallion block and 7-  16” blocks of background fabric. 

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