Kwik Sparklers BOM - Month 2

Sparklers BOM '19


This month we are making the Medallion layout of Kwik Sparklers. You can find the details for this layout in your Kwik Sparklers Pattern.

When selecting fabrics for this block, think about how you envision everything tying
together. Since the Medallion is the centerpiece of your quilt, you have limitless possibilities with this block. Do you want to select one focus fabric that has all of the other colors you will be using in your quilt? Do you want to tie everything together for a cohesive look? Maybe you want to use the same fabric that you use in the four corners of the border to create movement throughout your quilt.

  • The Medallion is made using four halves of the Kwik Sparklers block. The half is made using two arches and eight diamonds.
  • Sew two arch units and attach them to four diamonds units that have been sewn together. Then, attach two diamonds at the opposite end each arch unit, using the techniques and skills you used in Month One.
  • Once you have four half units complete, lay them out so the four pieces all have the section with the four diamonds facing each other towards the center of the block. Tack all the points together with a few stitches to keep everything aligned and stable while attaching to your background.
  • Cut four 16.5” blocks from your background fabric and sew them together. I find this easier than cutting a perfect square large enough for the completed Medallion block. This also gives you 4 lines as guides for placing your Medallion onto your background before glue basting it into place for the final step. The Medallion can be set several different ways depending on
    the look you are hoping to achieve. For example the loops can be positioned upwards, downwards, or you can place them side to side to create an X.

    Kwik Sparklers EPP English paper piecing

    • Appliqué your paper pieced Medallion to your background using the same method you used in Month One.

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