Kwik Sparklers BOM - Month 1

Sparklers BOM '19


This month we’ll be creating the original layout of the Kwik Sparklers block. You can find it in the Kwik Sparklers Pattern.

  • Choose one fabric or multiple fabrics to make your block. I encourage you to play with color and prints and make this block your own!
  • Arc pieces can be cut from one fabric or you can split the arcs into 3 sections to give your block a scrappier look.
  • Point pieces can also be all one fabric, 2, 4, or even 16 fabrics, depending on the desired look.
  • The pattern provides details for how best to glue baste your points and arcs so your points will nest correctly.
  • Sew your points together in sets of two, then into sets of four (refer to photos in pattern).
  • Don’t forget - if you separated the arcs, you will need to sew them back together before assembling your block.
  • Join the arcs together as shown in the pattern, then match the center of a set of 4 points to the center of where the arcs are joined.
  • Sew from the center to the outside edge, the center to the other edge.
  • Cut your background 16.5" square.

There are a couple ways to applique your Kwik Sparklers to your background, depending how you plan to quilt your quilt. 

  • Hand Appliqué – Leave the papers in place. Stitch your Kwik Sparklers to your background. From the back of your block, carefully cut away the excess background fabric. Remove papers. Press.

  • Machine Appliqué – Starch your block then remove the papers. Center your block onto the background, following pattern directions.
    • If you plan to quilt on a long-arm, use a zigzag stitch so there isn’t an “edge” the rulers can get stuck on. 
  • For domestic machine quilting, I use a straight stitch. 

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