My Favorite Needles for EPP

My favorite needles for English Paper PIecing (EPP) are Tulip Milliners, size 10 by Hiroshima Needle. 

Many people say they bend, and they are not wrong - however, it is because of how you hold it, and that just means it fits your hand.

Milliners come in sizes 1-10, with 1 being larger and 10 being finer.


Tulip uses an electrodeposition coating. According to their website: 

"Electrodeposition coating is a process of forming a coating film by dipping an object in a bath filled with water-soluble paint and then passing an electric current through the coated object."

Features of electrodeposition coating:

  • Produces a smooth and even coating film with excellent surface quality
  • Achieves uniform coating, even on irregularly shaped surfaces, due to the high throwing power of electrodeposition paint
  • No sagging or cracking of the coating film occurs

They polish the needles lengthwise minimizing contact surface with the fabric

I have found that the Tulip brand are thinner and sharper than any other brand I have tried. Once you try one, all other needles feel like you are trying to push nails through thread!

hey make a larger eye size 10 but I haven’t found them anywhere so I highly recommend a table top needle threader like this one by Clover. 


I will be sharing more tips and tricks in my Take &Teach classes at International Quilt Market Nov 3-6. The classes are just $10.00 when you register, so be sure to ask about them.   

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