Kwik Sparklers BOM - Months 10 & 11


Once again we are again playing with the leftover mini and regular diamond pieces.  You will be making a total of 4 stars (like Months 3 and 4) in each size - 2 sets for Month 10 and 2 for Month 11.  You can play with light, medium and dark fabrics to create movement. The mini pieces sew together very quickly but can be a little more challenging to remove the papers.  

  • Sew Diamonds into sets of 2.
  • Sew into sets of 4 according to the directions in your pattern.
  • Sew 2 sets of 4 into a “star” by matching the center and sewing from the center out.
  • Glue tips so that they do not show.
  • Position small star on top of large star. Line up the seams of both sizes or center the small star points on the seams of the large stars.
  • Don’t sew to a background yet! In Month 12 I'll share a few different layouts and options for using these star sets.

We'd love to see your quilts as they get closer and closer to being finished! Use #kwiksparklersBOM and #iblamekarie on Instagram and Facebook so everyone can see!  You can also find us at Karie’s Sewing Spot!

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